Disaster Recovery Site

Disaster Recovery sites are often built in a remote location to ensure that the disaster which has affected the main site will not affect the secondary site as well. Creating a Disaster Recovery site allows an organisation to continue conducting operations and delivering services without disruption, until the primary location is restored.


Our business continuity services provides businesses with a sense of security, minimizing the risk of delays, guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems, minimizing decision-making when choosing a disaster recovery plan, and lowering unnecessarily stressful work environment.

Disaster Recovery Services

Cold Site

A cold disaster recovery site is a facility with no hardware equipment installed. A cold site is essentially an office space with basic utilities such as power, air conditioning and telephone equipment.

Warm Site

A warm disaster recovery site is a facility that has the internet & telephone connectivity and the necessary hardware equipment already pre-installed. A warm site is perfect for Administrative roles which operate with less critical data.

Hot Site

A hot disaster recovery site is a facility which represents a mirrored copy of the primary centre. It is equipped with your company’s server hardware, software, and network connectivity, which allows you to perform near real-time or replication of your main site.

Business Continuity Services

Full Reception Services

24/7 Building Security

Provides Electricity, Air Conditioning and Heating

Designate or Shared Office Space

Quick to Set Up

Telephone Services

1 -100 Desks Available

Fully Connected Internet with Wifi

Fob and Lock Access Security

Servers Ready on Live Production Environments

Complete Replica Software Environments

Where are we based?

Our disaster recovery centre is located in the Romford Office Quarter and is a 2 minutes’ walk to the main train station.

  • 16 minutes to Central London or Liverpool Street

  • 9 minutes to Stratford

To book a viewing at our disaster recovery site or to find out more information about our business continuity options, please call 01708 38 5000 or email sales@rmsproperty.com


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