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6 Steps To Have A Great Client Meeting.

1. Presentation

Beauty may only be skin-deep, but as your personal presentation is the only thing that a client will initially judge you on, the significance of looking your smartest runs much deeper. If applicable, wear a tie and shine those shoes. Women should avoid piling on the make-up, and ensure your clothes are well fitted and smart.


2. Agenda

Part of making a great impression involves displaying your organisation skills and ability to time manage. An easy way of doing this is to sit down and clarify the agenda for the meeting at the beginning. State your aims, goals and enquire into what your client would like to achieve from the meeting as well.


3. Phone Etiquette

With technology moving so fast, it can be difficult to know what the correct etiquette is when it comes to using it all. A solid rule to go by is this: if it would be inappropriate to get out a crossword and start doing it, it’s inappropriate to fiddle with your phone or tablets. Always switch it off during meetings to remove the temptation of checking it.


4. Preparation

Who is it you’re meeting, and what is it going to be about? It’s a great idea to bring along e-mail correspondence and metrics to back up the points you plan on making. Also, bring any notes you have previously made detailing your ideas, and don’t forget to show your attentiveness by taking more throughout the meeting!


5. Summarise

You should always strive to make your client feel as at ease and as confident as possible. When wrapping up the meeting, summarise the points raised and resolved to demonstrate your understanding and involvement. Clarify the next steps to be taken and how you intend to go about doing so.


6. Follow Up

If applicable, try to determine a follow-up date for your next meeting and get it in the diary. Always remember to write an e-mail, in which you can put your verbal summary into writing and thank your client for their time and interest.


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