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5 Ways to get the best out of your lunch!

Here at RMS Serviced Offices, we take our lunches very seriously, after all it only comes once a day. On your lunch break you can eat or go wherever you please, maybe the pub? Sandwich bar? McDonald's? It's your choice. However, here you can find out how to spend your 60 minute lunch time correctly.


1. Have A Walk.

If you are one of the lucky people of this world who sit at a desk all day, get up and doing some walking! Taking a stroll around the office is good but going out and getting fresh air is much better. 

Going for a 10-30 minute stroll on your break is a definitive noon work out. It doesn't cost you any cash and it helps clear the brain. Juice, an organisation that urges individuals to take responsibility for their very own well being while in work, says "there are additionally numerous mental advantages (to work out). These advantages incorporate diminished pressure, improved state of mind and expanded positive prosperity."


2. Take A Break From Your Screen

We know it's enticing, finally leaving the glare of your PC screen just to take a gander at the glare of your telephone screen. In any case, noting those writings and messages, or refreshing your twitter page following leaving the workplace is inconvenient to your vision. Drawn out exposure to the glare of the screens can cause obscured vision and cerebral pains, also the long haul impacts on your visual perception.


3. Try Something Different

We realise it sounds terrifying but what's the worst thing that could occur? Eating unique foods changes up your day, and assortment is in every case great. The sustenance you eat effects your profitability all through today, no surprises there, yet many individuals are uncertain of what to eat.


4. Watch Your Favourite Shows

At lunch at little down time never hurt anyone. Watching your favourite shows while eating your favourite food is the best lunch time. Catch up with your colleagues on recent episodes and gossip throughout your 60 minute break.


5. Just Do Nothing

Many people know the advantages of a relaxed and an all around rested body, however such huge numbers of don't consider their overstimulated minds.

Go to a nearby park or even a quiet room. Giving yourself just 10 minutes a day to allow your mind to calm down and clear the mind will boost your productivity and reduce stress. 


So there you have it people, our favourite healthy ways to spend your precious lunch hour. Give some of these a try and tell us if they worked for you. We want you to get the absolute best out of your working day and making the most of your lunch break is an essential part of that.

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