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5 Rules of Workplace Behaviour

1. Manners In The Workplace

Good manners are important to positive, happy colleague relations and a work environment. Always remember to ask before changing anything that affects the office as a whole, i.e. heating, opening windows or the volume of music. Failing to do so may result in being seen as rude and inconsiderate.

Always have respect for your colleague’s space. If you want to hold a meeting of more than two people, try to do it away from your desk to avoid interrupting or distracting those around you. If there are just a couple of you, remember to keep your voice to a minimum.


2. Punctuality

Sometimes lateness can’t be helped. Letting people know where you are and when you are expected to arrive is just plain courteous. Consistent unexplained lateness is disrespectful and a clear sign of being unprofessional.

If you’ve been given a time to arrive for a meeting or interview you shouldn’t arrive any more than 5 minutes early. This allows whoever you are meeting to make final preparations or adjustments and be totally ready for your arrival.


3. Meetings With Your Clients/ Customers

You must do everything in your power to ensure your client is comfortable and will respond positively to your pitches. This can mean everything from hoovering the floors to making sure they know where the bathroom is and are provided with coffee and snacks. It is always lovely to receive a warm welcome into a new environment, so it can be a good idea to assign someone to take care of their coats and introduce them to the office.


4. Hygiene

Hygiene is seriously important when you are working in an office – especially if it isn’t very big! It’s always best to ensure your clothes are clean and tidy and that you have clean hair and nails. There is nothing more off-putting than un-cleanliness and you could end up with a bad name among your colleagues.

Nobody likes doing other people’s dirty work – so get washing up those plates and mugs. Try not to cook or eat any stinky foods in the office, as this can really distract your co-workers and cause an unpleasant environment.


5. Communication In The Workplace

There are so many different forms of communication that crop up in day to day office life. Always keep an eye on how you are coming across in e-mails, conversations and even your body language.

It is always good to make an effort to sit up and look attentive and involved during meetings and other conversations. Yawing is seen as unprofessional and rude. By standing when someone enters a room, shaking hands confidently and keeping your body language open and approachable, you will ensure you are remembered for all the right reasons.

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