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5 benefits of working from home

Reduced travelling

For employees one of the most obvious benefits of working from home is not needing to travel to work. By working from home you will save time and money as it eliminates the daily commute to and from work. You are able to spend slightly longer in bed in the mornings, which will help to improve the quality of your sleep so that you are better prepared for work each day.

Increased productivity & motivation

Many reports have found that employees feel as though they have more freedom when working from home; resulting in increased productivity and motivation. There are usually less interruptions at home, especially if the office space where you work has an open plan set up. Having a more peaceful atmosphere at home can mean that you manage to get more done without getting distracted.

Greater work flexibility

By working from home you are able to determine the location, length and starting time of your day. For example, you may find you have the flexibility to work longer on one day, in order to work reduced hours the next day. When it comes to learning how to work from home effectively, being able to manage this flexibility is key.

Saving money

Working from home allows you to save money. For example, transportation, parking fees, work clothes, lunches and many more can be reduced or eliminated.

A more happy & healthy work life

Flexible workers tend to be happier and more loyal employees, as working from home has been shown to lower stress levels, provide more time for hobbies and interests, improve personal relationships and many other things. Working from home can also lead to better health in a variety of ways; more time for physical activity, the ability to eat healthier and the option to create a more comfortable workspace.

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